On a rainy weekend afternoon in 1999, Rusty Collins saw what he thought was a great product and business opportunity while watching an episode of This Old House.

Rusty had many years of experience in the HVAC business, and was immediately impressed by the benefits that The Icynene Insulation System® offered to homeowners and commercial building owners. He saw that the unique composition and performance of the product made it possible for a builder to construct a new building that was healthier, quieter and more energy-efficient, and it could be used to replace old and far less efficient insulation in existing buildings.

Happy about that short television segment, Rusty was on the phone with Icynene the very first thing on Monday morning and became totally sold when he learned the roster of other high-profile building projects that Icynene participated in.

Just to name a few the list that peaked Mr. Collins attention was The American Lung Association’s  Health House®, Habitat for Humanity, The New American Home®, Model Remodel and Bob Vila’s “DotCOM Dream HOME.” And so, “Southern Foam & Coating” was formed in Claxton, GA to join the Icynene Licensed Dealer Network, under the ownership of partners Lee Burkhalter and Rusty Collins.

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