Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is the oldest city in South Carolina and is also the second largest city in the state. Charleston is well-known across the United States and beyond for its unique culture, which blends traditional southern American, English, French, and West African elements. The city proper consists of six distinct areas: the Peninsula/Downtown, West Ashley, Johns Island, James Island,Daniel Island, and the Cainhoy Peninsula. 18+.

The last thirty years of the 20th century saw major new reinvestment in the city, with a number of municipal improvements and a commitment to historic preservation. These commitments were not slowed down by Hurricane Hugo and continue to this day. The hurricane hit Charleston in 1989, and though the worst damage was in nearby McClellanville, the storm damaged three-quarters of the homes in Charleston’s historic district. The hurricane caused over $2.8 billion in damage. The city was able to rebound fairly quickly after the hurricane and has grown tremendously in population, reaching an estimated 126,567 residents in 2008.

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